The RB school district has pushed hard to infuse Social Justice across the curriculum. Teachers promote Black Lives Matter in their classrooms. The school district formed the Race and Equity Committee (REC), which meets behind closed doors.

Some of the committee members are active on social media disparaging the police and making comments such as “if I see an American flag I assume the people who live there are white supremacists”. People such as this are successfully pushing the school administration to shift the curriculum towards standards that follow the doctrine of Critical Race Theory – even though the school board actively denies this is the case.

To offer proof that this truly is happening in Redondo Beach:

explores a child’s identity and has a project which most likely encourages students to become activists.  We encourage people to learn as much as possible about CRT because all of the above follows the doctrine of CRT. 

and offered the class to 6th graders, telling the students that this class was about student leadership and throwing parties and events.  Teachers intentionally misrepresented the class to the children, who then signed up for the class believing it was about leadership.

protests and delves into the politics associated with George Floyd – all matters which are entirely inappropriate for children of this age. 

These meetings are held in private, and this group is already influencing the direction of the school.  They have recommended changes in hiring practices and are recommending curriculum changes that align with the tenets of CRT.

The following videos were recommended viewing for 4th graders.  Ask yourself if these are appropriate for our children:

Note how this author says that racism happens ALL THE TIME.

Training and nurturing children to become activists and resist is another basic tenet of CRT. This is a classical indoctrination video – encouraging children to boycott, march, make buttons and stickers – and saying these phrases over and over again.

Shaming people based upon the color of their skin.

Who+Am+I+Reading This teaches children about the “Dominant Culture”, the Subordinate Culture” and essentially criticizes people if they are Christian.  The administration is aware this is happening and is not doing anything about it. 

What is important for parents to understand is the philosophy underpinning this curriculum.  In the words of this entity: At the heart of all Learning Plans are the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards. Not familiar with the Standards? Learn more here. These anchor standards promote CRT principles and (among other things) teach children to:

  • Develop their “identities”
  • Develop language (a goal of Critical Race Theorists is to control language)
  • Recognize traits of the dominant culture.

The children are taught to “unpack” their identity, discussing gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, family, sexual orientation and more. We urge parents to dedicate time towards researching this entity and their philosophy. Absent significant parent pushback, this will be incorporated into the RBUSD curriculum.

What Can you Do?

Join the group of parents fighting back! 

Send an email to and let them know you care about what is happening in our schools.  You are not alone in your concerns. 

Look at Google Classroom and Assignments

Be aware of what is being taught in the classroom.  If Learning for Justice or Black Lives Matters curriculum is being used, examine the assignment.  Let us know so we can compile and track what is happening.  There are ways to file formal complaints against teachers.  

Insist that the School Board BANS Learning for Justice from the Curriculum 

The REC is already pushing to add Learning For Justice to the curriculum.  The School Board is on track to adopt this at an upcoming meeting. They should be told that Marxist based political entities have no place in the classroom.  This decision will determine the future direction at RBUSD. If the School Board approves the integration of this entity, they are approving Critical Race Theory into RBUSD.  Parents must speak out.  The teaching of Marxism principles violates California Education Code.  See link here 

Insist the Black Lives Matter is Banned from the Curriculum

This is a Marxist based, political organization and has no place in the classroom. Again – the teaching of Marxism principles violates California Education Code.  See link here.  Note the inappropriate nature of the BLM library presented to 4th graders. 

Insist that the REC meetings are held publicly and videotaped so their discussions are not secret.  

Eventually their recommendations are made public.  But in the meantime, parents are at a disadvantage and have minimal time to organize and push back.  This is a purposeful strategy on behalf of the school and should not continue. 

Get to know your board members

Redondo Beach Board Members can be found on the RBUSD website here.

Know when meetings are scheduled

One of the most effective tools we can use to get our message out is to attend school board meetings. To know when School board meetings for Redondo Beach are scheduled, check this link.

View Upcoming Agendas and Meetings

To learn about what has been discussed in the past, and what will be on the docket for future meetings, please visit this link.

Redondo Beach Newsletters

Happening Now!

MB:  At the October 20 board workshop, MBUSD gave the go ahead to implement every recommendation from CLEAR, the CRT based entity. 
RB:  The school board is now talking about creating a Social Justice Committee in order to weave Social Justice throughout the curriculum.  Read about the California proposed math framework (Putting The Pieces of the Puzzle Together newsletter) in which math is no longer just math, it is about Social Justice.  In the world of Social Justice, Excellence in Education takes a back seat as ideology takes center stage in the classroom.  
HB:  the PTO is discussing the cancellation of the cherished Father Daughter dance. Fathers are an important part of a girl’s life and should be celebrated. All fathers should speak out against this – it is part of the overall push against the family unit.