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While local school boards deny they support Critical Race Theory in our schools, we continue to see evidence that it is being implemented. It is important to note that Critical Race Theory is not a specific course that a student could elect to take. Rather, it is a philosophy which is woven throughout the curriculum. As noted in previous newsletters, Critical Race Theory is a destructive doctrine which, among other things, categorizes people according to race, relegating them to the role of oppressors or oppressed. Read WSJ discussion here for more information.

The following are pages from a book that was required reading last fall in a Mira Costa English class. Take a close look at this collage – does the school board approve of this curriculum? Are there consequences for teachers who incorporate Critical Race Theory principles into their classroom?



Targeting Students Who Are Not Progressive

With all of the discussions surrounding inclusiveness, where is the concern about excluding students who are not highly progressive and them becoming targets of teachers and other students?

Listen to this Manhattan Beach parent talk about students shaming other students if they have conservative values. Click here.

Take a look at CLEAR’s social media posts which regularly criticize Republicans: (20+) The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research | Facebook.

Politics has no place in the classroom, yet it has invaded school campuses with a singular point of view that excludes and shames students who do not conform to a progressive ideology.


CLEAR has been hired by the Manhattan Beach Unified School district to perform an equity audit. They have already interviewed teachers. Feedback from some teachers is that no matter how they answer the questions, they fear they will be deemed a racist. 
It is important to note that on the MBUSD website, under the EDSJI section, denying that you are a racist can actually be considered a microaggression. (See #5 on this chart . )
CLEAR’s CEO, Dr. Ken Magdaleno, is a supporter of Critical Race Theory, and believes this should be mandatory in a school curriculum. In his own words: CLEAR CEO:
See link for full discussion CLEAR CEO Longer Version:
The current philosophy in education is that treating all students the same (color blindness) is bad and a teacher must teach to each student’s race. This is Culturally Responsive Teaching, which will be discussed in a future newsletter. In his own words: If you do not teach to the race, you are taking away the soul of the child. Seeing all children the same is wrong. 

Does this really reflect our values?

Per CLEAR’s writings, our institutions are systemically racist. It does not take a leap of faith to assume they will reach that conclusion in our schools.

CLEAR is dedicated to the philosophy of Praxis and they are inspired by the Marxist Paulo Friere. Per their writings, they believe that our institutions must be dismantled and implicit bias is everywhere. In their words, each day brings proof that systemic racism exists.

We believe in the importance of freedom of speech and they are entitled to their views. However, imposing this viewpoint on children in an educational setting is not something that should be permitted in our schools.

On the CLEAR website they have numerous posts about Critical Race Theory:  
CLEAR also believes in the importance of teaching/training students to become activists. In their own words: The Center for Leadership, Equity, and Research will develop social justice leaders who are committed to oppose all forms of inequities, institutional racism and systemic oppression in order to empower change agents to serve and act on behalf of a diverse society.

Questions everyone should ask the school board: 

The community should understand if this was intentional, or if this information was withheld by the school administration who made the recommendation to hire CLEAR.

We encourage everyone to email the school board and insist that based upon information now coming to light, the work with CLEAR should be CONCLUDED and CLEAR should no longer be permitted access to anyone associated with the Manhattan Beach school system. 

A vote for CLEAR is a vote for Critical Race Theory. 


At the June 9th Hermosa Beach School Board meeting, Superintendent Johnson referenced the philosophy from the State of California as follows: the state is not concerned with having the highest achieving students, it believes in raising the bar for all. Watch here:

Finally! A confirmation of the true definition of Equity, which diminishes standards in education because if some students are excelling, that is an unfair paradigm.
Equity is a pleasant word and on the surface there does not seem to be much of a difference between equity and equality. But there is a world of difference. Equality, which has been practiced in our educational system for over 50 years, provides opportunity to all. 
Equity means equal outcomes, which is a form of social engineering and inevitably leads to diminished education standards in the unrealistic quest that every student must be at the same academic level. Hence our motto “Excellence in Education” is currently being threatened.
The negative consequences of Equity becomes very clear with the proposed math framework for the State of California. Currently, there are numerous tracks for math, giving opportunities for those students who are more advanced to progress at a faster pace. Due to the equity lens being adopted at the state level, there is a push to remove that opportunity and only provide a single track for all.
This removes opportunities for all students who excel at Math.
In addition to this, the State of California is encouraging social justice discussions to be woven in throughout the new math curriculum. This takes time away from the subject matter and instead tilts towards indoctrination. We can expect science to follow the same track.
Watch this presentation from Parent’s Union explaining the framework – it is long but very important: Proposed Math Framework
While the elimination of varied pathways is “recommended”, do not assume our districts will continue these options.
Also expect that eventually it will become mandatory as the push towards Equity becomes further ingrained across schools. 
This proposed framework is open for a second round of comments in July. Parents should email their school boards and ask them to provide input and oppose the elimination of tracks in the name of “Equity”. 
Parents should also ask their elected school board members if they support the elimination of opportunities for high achievers.
There is an upcoming MBUSD Board meeting, input can be provided by clicking here.
Or you can send an email:

Happening Now!

MB:  At the October 20 board workshop, MBUSD gave the go ahead to implement every recommendation from CLEAR, the CRT based entity. 
RB:  The school board is now talking about creating a Social Justice Committee in order to weave Social Justice throughout the curriculum.  Read about the California proposed math framework (Putting The Pieces of the Puzzle Together newsletter) in which math is no longer just math, it is about Social Justice.  In the world of Social Justice, Excellence in Education takes a back seat as ideology takes center stage in the classroom.  
HB:  the PTO is discussing the cancellation of the cherished Father Daughter dance. Fathers are an important part of a girl’s life and should be celebrated. All fathers should speak out against this – it is part of the overall push against the family unit.